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Auto Shift Manual Mode Circuit Low

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Jeep Grand Cherokee
How can fix it

Jeep Grand Cherokee
yas I had shake

Jeep Grand Cherokee
my car start normal

The P0957 code is caused potentially by a short in the Control Line or a possible stuck switch and is triggered when the voltage is either greater than 10.5 volts or less than 6 volts.

I dont know and no "I haven't tried to fix it yet.

Acura TL
walmart changed oil and engine light came on when I cranked the car. walmart mechanic said the code showing up was P0957

none so far

BMW 325
It runs rough at times, like if I turn on the air condtionar or heater...takes power away when I accelarate

p 0426

What is ckt mean on this code

p0957 ers circuit low. replaced tcm. transmission stuck in 3rd. no fix yet.

Chrysler Town and Country

Engine light came on an soon after battery was dead. Boosted battery and engine light went off.

Dodge Grand Caravan
Engine light came on and soon after the battery went dead. Boosted battery and engine light turned off. Code p0957 displayed on the scanner but this is a transmission fault. I didn't have any problems with the transmission that I knew of.

dont shift

Chrysler Town and Country


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Other Comments

P0057 I didn't do nothing yet that's why I'm here to ask questions an you show me the complete diagram

P0171 Check engine light on

P0960 where are they


P0725 Dodge Caravan
light came on while backing out of my driveway van would not shift gears I pulled over shut off for 5 seconds started it up drove on it was fine for about 3 miles then kicked back into second pulled over and tried shutting it off but didn't work still stuck in limp mode....Terry

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