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TCM Power Relay Sense Circuit Low

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Hyundai Sonata
V6 2006

Hyundai Sonata




Hyundai Sonata
reduced power

wont run

Nothing ..check engine light came when starting this 2011 Chev Equinox LT 4 cyc. At the dealer now.

Chevrolet Equinox
2011 LT 4 cyc..15,000 miles. Light came when starting the vehicle, runs fine. At the dealer in Huntington Beach, CA now.

2011 LT 4 cyc..15,000 miles. Light came when starting the vehicle, runs fine. At the dealer in Huntington Beach, CA now.

control module power relay sense circuit low

Hyundai Santa Fe
transmission control module power relay sense

Hyundai Santa Fe
check engine light

Chrysler Pacifica
The car seemed stuck in one gear. My ODB reads codes P0883, P0562 and P0890.

Kia Sedona
gear shift lever hard to shift

Hyundai Sonata
2007 hyundai code p0890

Trany dont engage

Kia Rondo
Trany dont engage

no over drive

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Other Comments

P0343 2001 tiburon with p0343 can shaft high signal code. Replaced sensor and still has check engine light. Diconnected battery and error comes back. Engine runs smooth so error is erroneous.

P0500 Fiat Punto

P0260 Ford Explorer
I have a 2006 ford explorer , sometimes it does not start back on , all the lights on dash board when it's running and they turn off and on all time .

P0168 Alfa Romeo 159
fallo p 0168

P0168 Alfa Romeo 159
fallo p 0168

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