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TCM Power Input Signal Low

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replaced tcm

p0882 tcm low input

The P0882 Error Code appears when the Electronic Control Module (ECM) receives a state from Transmission Control Module (TCM) Circuit that's different from expected. You should inspection the TCM circuit, the wiring, the fuses related to the TCM as well as inspect the Engine Control Module itself for signs of failure.

Chrysler PT Cruiser
Check engine light came on after starting. It did not shake or vibrate or idle roughly. Feels like it will not move out of 1st gear. Afraid to over 40 MPH.


rebuilt transmission, with new solenoid assembly, pcm,tcm on order

Dodge Ram Pickup 1500
starts in 4th gear instead of failsafe 2nd


Chrysler PT Cruiser

Trans went into default


Dodge Stratus

My chrysler pacifica is showing low tcm input

My chrysler is giving me a code that says low input pcm

Dodge Caravan
TCM is integrated with PCM so where is TCM?

Jeep Grand Cherokee
no start engine

the transmission car go to limp mode

Chrysler PT Cruiser
the transmission go to limp mode.

will not shift when hot

p0882 intermitent faul and some days, not check also the fault thanks jorge

Dodge Ram Pickup 1500
p0882 code intermitent some times never check ligth

will not start

got code 304 300 and 0882 ac not working

Jeep Grand Cherokee
p0882 falla intermitente

Chrysler PT Cruiser
Code #P0882 - TCM Power Input Signal Low

Chrysler PT Cruiser
po882 default 2nd gear

Unit goes into limp mode

Dodge 1500

ligt on

Dodge 2500
p0882 light on

Won't shift to next gear

Chrysler PT Cruiser
My pt won't shift to the next gear,sometimes it's perfectly fine like nothing ever happend

Chrysler PT Cruiser
transmission not upshifting

Chrysler PT Cruiser
2.4 turbo auto trans codes P0882 goes to limp mode. I have replaced both in put and output speed sensors on trans. I checked the power wire to the starter and replaced both battery cable ends. Battery voltage is good and charging rate is 14.2 reset computer and will run and shift perfectly for 10 mile or 60 miles and light returns and limp mode resimes?

PT Turbo 2.4 2006 Automatic codes P0882 I have replaced both trans speed sensors. Replaced battery cable ends. Stripped and checked splice to starter cable + terminal. Complete fluid and trans screen replaced. Reset computer(ECU) and get 10 miles or 60 miles and P0882 returns trans to limp mode.


Jeep Liberty

Chrysler PT Cruiser
2006 Engine light came on and several starts later went out.

its a dodge 2500 4x4 it starts out in 4th gear if i un hook the battery it will be normal again


sometimes my car wont start

Dodge Challenger
wont start sometimes

Jeep Grand Cherokee

Dodge Durango
The car will not start. My son was driving down the interstate last night and it just shut off. The car does not idle rough or anything.

Chrysler PT Cruiser
p0882 and p0700 come in the same time, trans goes into "limp" mode.

the car rpm is not geting to 3000 and some plugs are not working ,the gear goes to 4.

the car dont run fine ,and rpm is only 2000 , i had change the igition coil and no grand to the coil,i need help.

Chrysler New Yorker
ram pickup the engine dont run fine and pcm grand to the coil,

Dead Battery, due to leaving something plugged in. Jumped car off, CEL came on. Read code P0882


P0846, p0888, p0700

run for awhile then lights start flasing turn off

havent done anything code just came on

Jeep Wrangler
dont what caused the code

repleced trans have dtcp0882

Feels jerky, the engine light is on. We took it to autozone. They said it has error po882

Chrysler PT Cruiser
Rough idle, sometimes reduced power. Light came on about 3 days ago.

Chrysler PT Cruiser
transmission stock in 3rd speed and no changes


Chrysler PT Cruiser
codes p0882

the car is a safe mode ,rpm is going to 4000 and when you selet the it into gear 4 but not moving.i had change all the spark plugs and some engine coil.

there two code p2107 and p0882 , the throttle is not ascereting and gear goes to 4 not selecting.

Jeep Liberty
It does not shift out of second gear.

Transmission is in drive but runs at 3000 rpm at 40 mph, like its stuck in 2nd gear. The P (park ) R (reverse) D (drive) lights all blink with the square light around them indicating they are all engaged at the same time. We had a new computer put in that was only a week old and just replaced it again under warranty thru jeep. It still has the problem

Jeep Wrangler
Transmission is in drive but runs at 3000 rpm at 40 mph, like its stuck in 2nd gear. The P (park ) R (reverse) D (drive) lights all blink with the square light around them indicating they are all engaged at the same time. We had a new computer put in that was only a week old and just replaced it again under warranty thru jeep. It still has the problem

Jeep Wrangler
Transmission is in drive but runs at 3000 rpm at 40 mph, like its stuck in 2nd gear. The P (park ) R (reverse) D (drive) lights all blink with the square light around them indicating they are all engaged at the same time. We had a new computer put in that was only a week old and just replaced it again under warranty thru jeep. It still has the problem

Check engine light comes on after about 3 hours of driving (I deliver mail) The Jeep begins to feel like it has low power just before the check engine light comes on. I have tried to shut the key off and and turn it back on to reset any computer issues. If I let the vehicle cool the check engine light goes away and the vehicle runs fine Other than not shifting the vehicle runs fine. No shaking or vibrations.

Dodge Charger
transmission relay always off

Engine flush

Chrysler PT Cruiser

Chrysler Pacifica

p 0882


Took it to dealer & code shows internal trans problem

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Slips into 4 gear

transmission relay only 3.0volts to trans solenoid pressure switch after I washed un the hood

failed inspection for the code. The Cruiser does sometimes act like it wont change gears but if you turn it off wait 3 mins or some start it it acts right for weeks



P0882 tcm low input

P0882 - Tcm Power Input Low

How to fix this code in pt cruiser 2006




transmission wont shift out of low gear


dont pass the gear i change the tcm plus a trasmicion still with the problem

I'm still learning myealslf.

I replaced the governor pressure sensor [transducer} and the governor pressure solenoid but did not fix the problem


Chrysler Town and Country
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