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Gear 3 Incorrect Ratio

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Volvo S70
reduce power and uparrow starts blinking. Then suddenly brake light come in and goes off

This indicates a problem with the Gear 3 with an incorrect ratio. This could represent a possible failing/slipping clutch, a problem with the oil pump or the ATF level could be low...

2007 Santa Fe throwing codes p0733 and p0734 wont engage 3rd and 4th gear . ECM replaced all solinoids checked and ok, values done and new clutch plates

Volkswagen GTI
Only get the high RPM / CEL when I drive a cold VW --- once warm shifts great

Mitsubishi Montero Sport
no hace cambios ni pa tras y pa delante

slipping trans. wont always shift.

input and output speed sensors and Transmission fluid chaged

Crappy shifting, harsh gear shifting, stalling, EML and service engine light on.

Nissan Sentra
could a broken timming belt cause this

the car get first and second gear only and slip in third

When traveling on interstate, there was an occasional "pffft" sounds like a purge valve or similar. When we got off the highway and onto surface streets, the CEL came on and the vehicle became stuck in 3rd gear after a stop at a light. Pulled over and stopped. shut down vehicle and upon restart the problem was gone but the CEL was still on.

p0733 for 2001 volvo v70

Volvo V70
check engine came on and check transmission light came on

Nissan Altima
car seems to slip gears when coming to a stop or at idle speeds it revs up and down.. i need to put in neutral and rev the gas pedal to keep it from dieing out!!!!

changed trans with used one on dodge strat r/t 3.0. first i got the code or 2nd and 3rd, now just 3rd.dont feel any slipping. thinking its speed sensor. trans. F4A51-2

Dodge Stratus
maybe speed sensor?

replaced in/out solenoid

Hyundai Sonata
Check engine light appeared randomly. Have not noticed any difference in performance. Unsure what it means just yet.

Hyundai Sonata
Yes Check Engine Light comes on. Slight vibration. Reduced power. Car starts.

Car starts. Slight vibration. Car starts and runs to the maximum around 25 mph. Check engine came on as it was happening.

Jeep Liberty
Cdigo po733

Cdigo de mitsubishi endeavor p0736

Mitsubishi Endeavor
Se escneo y sale con el cdigo p0736 transicin

Mazda MPV
code P0733 'stuck in 3rd ratio' and 'hold' light flushes. what could be the problem clutch kit,speed sensor or solenoid?

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