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Output Speed Sensor Circuit No Signal

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96 Range Rover 4.0se Tranny shut down while making a 3 point turn and this is the only Code it gives P0722 some I'm looking for Help

Replace speed sensor however I hear there may be more soemwhere else on tranny

Isuzu Rodeo
Wont shift from 1st except in winter mode

1999 saab 95

Slipping gears. Show on instrument panel

Hyundai Santa Fe
Engine light, awd light, escape light and abs light on. Not seeming to be completely in gear.




Volkswagen Golf

has a automatic transmitioin does not does the shift

has a automatic transmitioin does not does the shift

Suzuki Forenza
P0700 & P0722 codes. Transmission feels like it slipping and robs the power from the engine, as if stuck in higher gear

Suzuki Reno

Chevrolet Optra

Hyundai Elantra
car did not pas emission inspection requirements.

Chevrolet Cruze
CODIGO P0722 Y P0723

Land Rover Range Rover
Code reads p0722 and tranny won't engage just in low gear

Land Rover Range Rover
Code reads p0722 and tranny won't engage just in low gear


Chevrolet 3500


Transmission went into limp mode, possibly from driving on flooded street.

Isuzu Rodeo Sport

transmision dont move


Mercury Cougar
Check engine light is not on. Car starts with no problem. My car seems to jerk while on slight inclines or increasing speed..Autozone detected: troubleshooting PO722 no signal detected

Po722 that's what the scan says it won't move

code po722

where is the output speed sensor 05 grand vitara i need a picture diagram

Suzuki Grand Vitara
code po722

stuck in drive or reverse

trouble code is P0722.light of P and N are constant blinking

sticks in low

Mack LE603
sticksin low

sticks in low


Boîte vitesse speed sensor code p0722

sometimes the trans will not shift from 1st. sometimes it shifts with no problem. have replaced both output and input with new sensors

Honda Passport
1997 passport 4x4 p0722 wont shift unless winter drive is pressed and wont go into overdrive till 55mph or 60 then the check engine light comes on and transmission light starts flashing as soon as it shifts into overdrive then you are able to shift it manually until the check engine lights are reset or battery disconnected. not figured out yet need to test sensor and wiring and connector . hope its not the 180.00 sensor

Honda Passport
97 honda passport 4x4 3.2l also wont go into reverse unless winter drive is pressed then only pulls slightly for 2 or 3 seconds but wont go faster if gas is pressed

when it rains the check engine light comes on and p0722 code appears after it dries off the light goes out

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P0191 Rav 4 have rough idle and shut off when engine gets hot

P0706 Suzuki Aerio
El codigo es p0171

P0706 P0171

P0183 Prende la luz de servicio

P0456 Válvula egr lavado cuerpo aceleración lavado map

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