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Malfunction Indicator Lamp (ML) Control Circuit

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Volvo C70
Code P0650 P1618

P0650: Malfunction Indicator Lamp (ML) Control Circuit

I have a code p0650

Fix my car

buicklesabre 2002

instrument cluster doesnt work buick lesabre 2002

Chevrolet Aveo
loss of pwr on hgwy while on cruise control. 65 mph/2700 rpm. engine revved up to 4000 to stay at 65. contiued loss of pwr till engine was shut off and sat for 10 to 15 minutes. started up and it drove normal. had a transmission shop check the codes and only code that was there was p0650.

Aprilia Atlantic 125/250

P0134 and P0661. I recently failed DMV inspection because my MIL came on minutes into my inspection. The error codes that came up were P0134 and P0661. The light has since gone off. Should I return to get my car reinspected? Or should I keep my appointment with the mechanic?

Chrysler PT Turbo
ran fine yesterday but car wouldnt start today. when checking engine code with key, threw out P0650

the ac does not work

Chevrolet 1500
not working

Chevrolet 1500
not work

The engine lamp shows in the display


Isuzu I-Mark


Hyundai Accent

Reduce power?

Hyundai Accent
Reduce power? And gas?

Hyundai Accent

Hyundai Accent
Car vibrate

Hyundai Accent
My car vibrate and no power


Ford Transit Connect

Chevy 3500 Duramax P0650. Code will clear but returns after undetermined time. Check engine light comes on. Left turn signals all work on exterior of truck but left turn signal indicator on cluster dores not. Recently replaced cluster(2 months) with rebuilt from Oreilly's. Only other problems I've noticed is sometimes the dash lights will flicker or brighten and they don't always respond to the dimmer switch and occasionally the A/C fan will not operate in position 5.

2007 hyundia accent code p0650

Vespa S 150

Hyundai Accent
what to do

Sometimes the engine stop itself


Suzuki XL7

Kia Rio Cinco


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Other Comments

P0191 Lincoln Continental
car bucks before shifting at low throttle and multi meter show voltage drop to fuel pump

P0191 Lincoln Continental
car bucks before shifting at low throttle and multi meter show voltage drop to fuel pump

P0461 Honda Passport

P0461 my car have code p0461 what part I should change

P0444 BMW 325Ci
service engine soon light came on

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