P0575 OBD Engine Code Logo   Code #P0575 -
Cruise Control Input Circuit

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Volkswagen Passat
despre cod eroare p0575

Mini Cooper S
abs and traction controls lights stays on

Mini Cooper S
P0575 CODE

Cadillac DTS
Problem in component don't open hood rear and don't set left and right

I don't even no where to start I have asked so many people took it to the dealership and payed an arm and leg and they did not do anything at all just take my money what a big joke.

horn dont work

Chevrolet Tahoe
not sure


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Other Comments

P0445 Nissan Altima
codigo p0445

P0118 try everything replaced throttle body mass flow sensor air flow sensor and coil packs (8)and still dont get the right rpm

P0743 P0733

P0072 Maserati
it started a few days ago, the car also needs t crank a few time before its starts

P0072 its just the warning code P0072 that has suddenly pop up

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