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Cruise Control On Signal

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Saturn SC2
Its hard to set the cruise control, got to try many times till it works. And cant aulter the control, what i set it on is what I get. Got to reset the cruise control to change speed.

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P0513 08 silberad

P0505 Ford Focus
Car starts but won't idle, runs rough as hell an has no power, barely moves

P0717 Mercedes-Benz GL450
Code p0071 is coming up, what's that mean??

P0883 Chrysler Pacifica
Check engine light was one for a month with code P083. trans gaskets leaking so had the gaskets replaced and fluid flushed and refilled. afterwards check engine light was on with new code P0883. Performed a battery reset and drove fine for about 20-25 miles then code P0883 came back. Not sure were to go from here.

P0741 I have kia picanto 2005 check engine light the scanner code p0741 powertrain please I need your help

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