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Intake Air Heater Circuit Low

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Pontiac G5

multiple misfiring cylinders. eratic engine idling

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P0218 transmission got in limp mode

P0218 Chrysler PT Cruiser
car has 3 codes p0714, p0218 and p0882 and transmission won't shift

P0340 PO340

P0846 Chevrolet 3500
after changing number 7 injector drove down street and the engine light came on , the code says po846 po70o

P0235 VW touareg R5 2004 goes into limp mode at 2000rpm and also has cut out twice and unable to restart. Faults sustained P235 and P301. I am struggling to find what the problem is can anybody assist.

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P0418   Secondary Air Injection System Relay 'A' Circuit
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P0813   Reverse Output Circuit
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P0935   Hydraulic Pressure Sensor Circuit High

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