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Exhaust Gas Recirculation Throttle Position Control Circuit

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This appears to be a problem with the EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) and could indicate a short or miswiring.


Mitsubishi Outlander

Mitsubishi Outlander 2.0 Di-d, new turbo fitted for overboost fault, new EGR valve and throttle body fitted, checked all connectors and all vac pipes seem ok. P0488 keeps coming back. Any ideas?

Lumpy idle

power loss

Suzuki Grand Vitara
reduced power

Suzuki Grand Vitara

truck wont run under load like a bad miss loss of power then will die, but starts back right away


i have this code 0486 egr valve position sensor current circuit to remove it . i remove it but it remove for a few seconds

Engine managing light is on the dash all the time even when u get it cleared via the computer

runs for a few minutes and stops running and wont start again intill it cools down in about 2 to 5 min


Suzuki Grand Vitara

sluggish when between 55-70

Toyota Yaris
p 0487

Slow speed decay when driving at 60+ mph with no little or throttle response. Stop engine and ignition off/on clears problem and vehicle can operate normally below 60mph. Relates to EGR control at higher speeds (EGR valve fully open, indicating insufficient flow, or throttle/EGR position mismatch. No solution found as yhet


Have not tryed to fix



Mitsubishi Outlander
p00487 code


Mitsubishi Outlander
Engine light lit on. Checked with my OBD2 bluetooth dongle and found P0487 error. Driving experience did not change.

Toyota Avalon
p0368 toyota auris arza kodu neden yapyordur

Cel indicator on, drives ok, clean egr valve and check function,reset indicator and it comes back on after restart.,

Mitsubishi Outlander
2.0 DID ENGINE slight missfire at 2000 rpm usally when cold after 6 months MIL light on p0488 p0487 found 10 amp fuse blown in eng fuse box cleaned egr valve cant turn off p0487 code

Eng p 0487


2005 6.0 diesel codes

Renault Sportwagon
p0487 was pointing to egr but error wont clear

Mitsubishi Outlander
p 0487

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P0622 Dodge Magnum
im getting a code p0622 and cant figure it out batt light on and it runs like shit

P0721 17105

P0402 Dodge Sprinter
Low power after warms up. Codes P0402 - P2457 - P0404

P0325 no apresenta falha so acende a luz de injeo

P0343 2001 tiburon with p0343 can shaft high signal code. Replaced sensor and still has check engine light. Diconnected battery and error comes back. Engine runs smooth so error is erroneous.

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