P0425 OBD Engine Code Logo   Code #P0425 -
Catalyst Temperature Sensor (Bank 1)

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Mercedes-Benz CLS55 AMG
strong gas smell in car

Nissan Altima
change the crankshft sensor at the nissan everythin was fine till the check engine came back on got code p0425 car drive fine...???

code was second to code p0302 which I have repaired

Busca faya en un honda accord el cdigo es p0425

Honda Accord
El cdigo de falla es p0425

Cuel es la faya cuando sale el cdigo p0425

Honda Accord
check engine light

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Other Comments

P0332 p0332 error code

P0451 Cadillac STS
engine light stays on

P0451 Cadillac STS-V
engine light on all the time

P0451 engine light on all time

P0051 engine light on

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