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Crankshaft Position Sensor A Circuit Range/Performance

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chick engine ligths on

Pontiac Grand Am
grand am se chick engine lights on po 336 crankshaft range performance

i replace the one with the new one crankshaft sensor and the ignitioon coil and oxegine sensor but the engine ligth still on it dis appear for about two hours and it came back again

try to off the chick engine ligth

chick your harmonic balancer for any kinnd of scraches or any kind of damages on it changes it with new one im sure you solve the problem when you install the harmonic balancer be sure not to make any kind of damage it is very sinsitive


check engine light is on and the sensor came up when we checked

Chevrolet Monte Carlo
it starts and it runs ok right now I got the three days ago and I am trting to work out things that need to be fixed

Toyota Sienna
how to replace

Chevrolet Malibu
Car starts & shuts off won't stay running & engine light is on


truck 1500, w/4.8, started idled rough, accelareted ok, then started to "chug" or lurch, then stall. restarted once, ran for 2-3 mins, and stalled. Check enine light came on, but could not retrieve code. restarted next day, but run rough and enough to get code po0336, on reader

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P0035 Cadillac ElDorado
has no power run roughalso smell so much like gasolinehas 3 different codes 0022 0035 0085

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