P0136 OBD Engine Code Logo   Code #P0136 -
O2 Sensor Circuit Malfunction (Bank 1 Sensor 2)

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replace camshaft sensor engine light on tach dont work alltime

emergency run

smart fortwo Pure
45PS 599ccm cold OK - warm emergency run after fast acceleration

Just the check engine light. Surprisingly, had it emissions tested today WITHOUT the check engine light on and it still reported this code. Research indicates it's an O2 sensor. The only problem I've had with the car, and I don't know if it's related, is, sometimes, when accelerating, it seems like the car is resisting, as if I have my foot on the brake too. It's REALLY annoying. Also, very important, when the check engine light is on, the car seems to really suck up the gas. I have gone from 25m per gal to 20.

Citreon c5 camshaft sensor circuit bank 1 fault

i have renault scenic the mil light is on and diagnostic shows po136

Hyundai Santa Fe
Loss of power and bogging out over hill. Check engine light was on prior and on going giving P0136 bank one sensor 2 code. Car still ran though but I continued to drive until I had a crank shaft sensor code after the crank shaft belt was cut and the timing belt partially cut when a piece of the crank shaft sensor cut and tore through them. Put car in shop to have repaired, also got a new clutch kit and full brake job. Was driving it home, check engine light as on as usual, had plans on fixing that when I got home, was going over a grade when I lost power and the car seemed to bogg out like it was restricted some how. Could only go like 15mph max over the grade. Put my hand over tail pipe while running and it was hot air coming out. So hot I could only cover the exhaust for a few seconds. Ran my code reader and still getting P0136 code. I towed vehicle home after that. Could it be a catalytic converter or just a bad sensor?

Turn on the engine

Mini Cooper

p0136,2005 mini cooper.any history?

Citroen DS-19

p0136...ecu light is on the dashboard

Fiat Punto
ecu light is on the dashboard,car starts fine, no running problems except a slight dip when it is ticking over.i havent noticed a reduced power but then ive only just bought it

will not start

Mitsubishi Eclipse
Check engine light not on The Car does not start The car is not shaking or vibrating

Check engine light is on at all times, misfire and poor gas usage

check engine light on obi code p0136 bank 1 sensor 2

Chevrolet Colorado
runs ok no problem other than check engine light on

P0136 generic O2 circuit bank1, sensor 2

Ford Escape
Check Engine Light Come On

Mitsubishi Lancer
o2 sensors changed came on 6 onths ago. doesn't vibrate doesn't rough idle doesn't shake runs good. have bought new sensor am going to clean intake and am running sea foam fuel injector cleaner through gas and changing oil and tehn am going to put in new sensors

Ford Ranger
Emission test stated error.

where is sensor two located? is it the front or the back.


buna ziua mia ramas becul aprins la opel corsa

Chevrolet Colorado


engine light comes on and emissions high replaced cat and 2 landa sencors emissions back to normal but light still comes on with code p0136

back firing, hesitation on take off

Lincoln Town Car
reduced power, less milage per gallon

stall runs rough

Mini Cooper S
stalls runs rough

Did not pass smog

done nothing still gathering info, cheers.

erratic idle, miss fire when accelerating, some times will only tick over i.e cut out when you try to drive away, new coil pack fitted MAP sensor, Knock sensor, crank position sensor.

Ford Taurus
were is the o2 at bank one senser 2

Check engine light

bank 1 sensor 2


Ford Focus
idle roughly

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Other Comments

P0444 BMW 325Ci
service engine soon light came on

P0340 changed camshaft position sensor but the car still has a misfire and still has the same code read out po340

P0332 Throwing this code

P0353 started with code p 0353 changed coils around and put new spark plugs in reset codes and got code 0353 and 0351 thought it might be fuel injectors so changed #1 and #3 put back together and now have codes 0353 0352 and 0351

P0121 Po121gmc

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