P0132 OBD Engine Code Logo   Code #P0132 -
O2 Sensor Circuit High Voltage (Bank 1 Sensor 1)

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Chevrolet Optra

p0132 optra

tengo un optra 2008 y se me presenta codigo p0132


Volkswagen Golf

rpm down

solo se enciende el foco marca el codigo P0132 Y P1523


Volkswagen Jetta
Prende el codigo P0030, el P0036 y el P0132



Nissan X-Trail
surging and loss of power

Chevrolet G10
Bank1 sensor1


Ford Explorer
the o/d flashed and review for get the code and give me this P0765 and P0768, the tecnichial review the transmision and say me that transmision is Ok, i dont know what is the ploblem, the tecnichial sya that posible the problem is the PCM, can any help me to solve this because when the error happen the trasmission continue work perfectly and i dont like do someone and that dont fix the problem help me please

Chevrolet Optra
mi carro enciende luz engine y escaner arroja codigo p0132

Honda Accord

Honda Civic
nothing light just came on

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hi. i replaced the two front sensors

Jeep Grand Cherokee
Hi.i replaced the front sensors and i still had the same code po132


Replaced Catalytic Converter and O2 sensor all new. Didn't have the code before, but with all new parts, I'm getting the code.

when engine warms up the light does not come on

Oxigen censor

Chrysler Pacifica
Codigo po132 y codigo po456

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Other Comments

P0328 won;t crank

P0138 light is on

P0032 Had fault code p0031 at first. So replace the o2 sensor on bank 1 sensor 1 after replacing the sensor fault code p0032 came on

P0481 a/c fan and cooling fan turn slow

P0342 Kia Sorento
p0342 code let sit overnight now it starts

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