P0131 OBD Engine Code Logo   Code #P0131 -
O2 Sensor Circuit Low Voltage (Bank 1 Sensor 1)

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Toyota Corolla
code p0270 and p0304

Suzuki Grand Vitara OEM code p0707. A deer hit my right headlight, pushed it in about 3-4in. I don't have turning signals anymore, and the car itself was stuck in park. I checked at AutoZone, they think it's a defective transmission range sensor. Still not completely sure on the turn signals, have a feeling the headlight pinched a wire. Trying to find out the best thing to do.

Chevrolet Optra
i replced o2 sensor.i checked sensor output when its harness connected positin o voltage,after disconnection of harness there was around 0.6 to 0.7 v yes car vibratgion and rough idle, also loss of power.

International 4700
engine stalls


Chevrolet Optra

I am also getting p115c, p0135, p0130,p2251 the car ruff every once and a wile.

Toyota Camry
CEL always on. Car runs fine on power and smoothness, does not miss. It is a 2004 Camry with 3.0l engine. I replaced both o2 sensors for banks 1 and 2. Does the PCM need to be flashed?

BMW 320d

The car sometimes wont accelerate how its supposed to. And Stalls.

Pontiac Montana
I replaced both O2 sensors and it still reads this code and P0137. Stupid GM makes it so you have to go to the dealer. . unfair

engine light came on on highway, speed 124km/h, engine rpm 3457. runs fine until stopping and then stalls

ses lamp on no parts yet


msfires on cilinder1 3 5

Kia Sorento
sakes and reads cilinder 1 3 5 misfires

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P0793 Great

P0381 Izuzu trooper

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