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Intake Air Temperature Circuit High Input

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This appears to be related to the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) when it sees voltage higher than 5 volts, this error gets triggered. Possible solutions including checking the IAT sensor for failure or poor grounding as well as checking the IAT harness.

Harley Davidson Tour Glide
p0113 possible sparkplug issue. Fact is, it came on 3 times. each time, I found the cap (on sparkplug) has vibrated loose. Still not sure if it is coincedence or not?

Harley Davidson Electra-Glide
po113 same here, 3 times and caps on plugs were loose! I also wonder if it is a coincedent or not? I tighten it the last time and light came on 100 miles later. (although, this time the plug cap was not finger loose-until I applied some strength to it).I also wonder if it is because I am not running HD plugs? I Know the hd plugs same as (champion or something like that) except, HD has a anti knock something in thier plug. I will put some HD plugs in and see if it cures my problem-including new plug caps. (also, last 2 sets of plugs had no new caps-used old). Freaken Harleys, Honda is looking good!Did I say that? I mean go Harley! Yep, that's what I meant! Really!



rough idle at start than after warm up idle go.s up and down

Lincoln LS



the car wont aselerate.i tried changing the iat sensor but no luck!!!

The car keel the battery everything you let the car

installed used audi engine,car starts but stops immediately,codes p0343 p0348,tried two sets of cam sensors,timing belt is set correct,possible timing chain jumped a tooth?

car does not start


car wont go faster than 30mph

Ford Focus

missing fire

GMC Sierra 1500
p0113 code

Car won't start originally lcheck engine light was on and I repaired vacuum leak. Now turns over but will not start

Saab 9000
PO 113

Saab 9000
PO 113

Hyundai Elantra
code po113

engine light show up


what do I do to fix it

PO113 Intake Air Temperature Circuit High Input

Does not start at all but the starter turns over,also changed the crankshaftsensor but still won't start.


Intake air temperture

Dodge Caravan
My car is vibrate and shake and roughly idle?

My car is vibrate and shake and roughly idle


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Other Comments

P0481 relays fuses temp senser no power to fan

P0513 just went out to try and start it

P0841 Toyota Yaris
showing check engine light sometimes during drive and sometime not. and in scanner getting code: Code #P0841 - Transmission Fluid Pressure Sensor/Switch 'A' Circuit Range/Performance. Can you guide me what is an actual problem ?

P0841 tried to check connectors for loose connections the diagnostic machine keeps reporting a fault i need the exact location

P0481 u1417

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