P0084 OBD Engine Code Logo   Code #P0084 -
Exhaust Valve Control Solenoid Circuit (Bank 2)

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GMC 4500
Have scanner but no info on code. Vehicle light came on. acted like fuel filter problem, loss of power and unable to get enough RPMs for automatic (Allison 1000) transmission to jump to next gear. Shut down engine and waited..restart and everything was back to normal, light stayed on for several cycles of on/off then didn't show again. there was a time when i would change fuel (Diesel) filter every time to clear up the problem

Volvo V40

no symptoms

Infiniti G35
after a front end collision repair. car starts. car vibrates when idling. rough idle and reduced power and affects gas mileage.

Infiniti G35

Infiniti FX35
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Tell us about Code #P0084

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Other Comments

P0660 No symptoms , engine light on, given diagnostic ccode

P0773 It's acting like its missing and like dnt want to change gea rs

P0443 Chevrolet HHR

P0118 Suzuki XL7
PO118 Code. Key stuck in the ignition. Will not start.

P0077 will on over 20 mph

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