P0034 OBD Engine Code Logo   Code #P0034 -
Turbo Charger Bypass Valve Control Circuit Low

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i havent done anythig yet

Chevrolet C4500
all i have is the code

Jaguar S-Type
My engine light is on. This is the Code P0034. How do I fix this?


Honda Accord
on all the time.unable to clear

this car has no turbo

No turbo, sluggish, depollution warning light

Hi, had engine stalling and engine light stayed on, had to wait a while before restart. Had diagnostic with error p0034, replaced cam and crank sensor problem still persist, new diagnostic and says ignition timing out, need advice to solve problem.




Chrysler PT Cruiser

Mercedes-Benz 220

Chrysler PT Cruiser


Chrysler PT Cruiser

GMC Envoy

ford expedition 2004

Hyundai Accent
light came on this morning. The car will start, idles rough, sounds like it is missing very badly

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Other Comments

P0209 Nissan Altima

P0013 Checked electrical connections

P0154 service engine Light

P0741 Transmission is slow

P0714 Chrysler PT Cruiser
PT cruiser code P0714

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